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              Since its establishment in 1993, Xiwu Kangda has been committed to returning the air environment to its essence, creating high-quality products with time, and creating a beautiful experience with dedication.

              Products serve people, services communicate with people. Therefore, Xiwu Kangda adheres to the concept of putting people first and putting consumers at the center to serve consumers: a comprehensive customer care system provides users with 7 * 24 hours of lifelong and comprehensive service.

              Multiple branches throughout the country provide convenient services to users, while value-added services such as long service cycles, free maintenance and upkeep allow users to feel the reliable and reassuring service system of Westinghouse Kangda.

              In the process of serving consumers, we adhere to a service system of 1 goal, 5 services, 7 responsibilities, and 0 tolerance, providing high-quality products and worry free services throughout the entire process.

              • 1 goal

                Our service goal is to achieve 100% user satisfaction, and to make users complain about Xiwu Kangda's service.

              • 5 good services

                Good service attitude    Treat customers warmly and humbly accept their inquiries and opinions;

                Good service time    Arrive at the service site in a timely manner and serve customers in a timely manner

                Good service quality    High service level, properly handling customer demands;

                Good service image    Civilized and polite, dressed neatly, and provided standardized services;

                Good service improvement    Good at finding improvement points and continuously optimizing products and services

              • 7 responsible

                Responsible for design    Responsible for providing customers with technical solutions for the system

                Responsible for manufacturing    Responsible for manufacturing high-quality products for customers

                Responsible for delivery    Responsible for delivering products to designated locations for customers

                Responsible for installation    Responsible for installing products on site for customers

                Responsible for debugging    Responsible for debugging products for customers and providing guidance and training

                Responsible for maintenance    Responsible for quickly troubleshooting customer equipment on-site

                Responsible for maintenance    Responsible for providing maintenance services and improving product service life

              • 0 tolerance

                Caring for customers, providing attentive service, and tolerating product quality issues

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