Product series: ZK-W series
              Air volume:4500m3/h~133000m3/h

              Product Features

              Xiwu Kangda has developed an efficient water-cooled direct evaporative air conditioning unit based on the characteristics of urban rail transit buildings and the use of traditional chiller air conditioning units in subway stations. This saves water chillers and chilled water systems, simplifies the entire air conditioning refrigeration system, avoids secondary heat exchange and heat transfer losses in the chiller system, improves the energy efficiency of the entire air conditioning refrigeration system, and reduces air conditioning operating costs. At the same time, sunken cooling towers can also be equipped to solve problems such as cooling tower occupation, noise disturbance to residents, and landscape. The unit has the following characteristics:

              • ■ The system is simple, without a chilled water distribution system, and the overall energy efficiency is as high as 4.8.
              • ■ Save land and cancel the construction cost of approximately 100 square meters of the refrigeration room.
              • ■ The large and small systems are completely independent in refrigeration operation, with partial load operation saving energy by over 30%.
              • ■ Large system stepless regulation, with a wide range of 25-100% capacity regulation.
              • ■ Small system multi-level adjustment, free adjustment.
              • ■ The unit adopts integrated pre installation, with a short installation cycle.
              • ■ The reduction of moving components in the unit reduces maintenance costs.
              • ■ The unit adopts a double-layer sandwich panel with low noise.
              • ■ Highly integrated control, intelligent control, and simple operation.
              • ■ Using environmentally friendly refrigerants, free from chlorine and other elements, without damaging the ozone layer.

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