Air volume:2000~25000m3/h

              Product Features

              • ■ Integrated with full frequency conversion technology, free heat recovery technology, and low dew point dehumidification technology, the overall energy consumption can reach a maximum energy efficiency ratio of 8.0 compared to traditional electric heating as reheating, and the overall energy-saving rate can reach up to 70%.
              • ■ The unit adopts full DC frequency conversion technology to meet various load requirements, enabling efficient and stable operation of the unit. It precisely controls the flow output of the refrigerant, and can achieve high-precision control of temperature ± 0.2 ℃ and humidity ± 1%. It can operate stably under outdoor conditions such as large fluctuations and variable air volume, ensuring constant temperature and humidity operation of fresh air.
              • ■ Low dew point dehumidification technology can achieve a minimum of 2 ℃ dew point air outlet in situations where deep dehumidification is required. In addition, precise continuous control ensures long-term stable operation of the unit and does not cause excessive cooling to cause evaporator icing.
              • ■ Under constant temperature and humidity conditions, the unit uses free heat recovery to reheat the air. The reheat generated by free heat recovery adopts stepless regulation, with a wide range of reheat temperature rise. It can increase the air temperature of the dehumidified air by 4-15 ℃, replacing the traditional pure electric heating reheat mode and solving the problem of high energy consumption caused by the "cold and hot offset" of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning.
              • ■ The product uses R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, which is highly efficient and does not contain chlorine elements, and has no damage to the ozone layer. It is currently internationally recognized as a medium to long-term substitute for R22 refrigerant. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) is less than 0.2, reducing damage to the atmospheric environment. Good thermal performance, more energy-efficient system.
              • ■ Suitable for various occasions, innovative and upgraded on the basis of traditional air conditioning systems, meticulously creating suitable new constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system solutions. The products can be widely used in electronic, laboratory, operating room, hospital, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, industrial and other occasions.
              • ■ Equipped with the S-CLOUD cloud platform system, the operating status of the unit can be monitored in real-time through a mobile app, achieving remote control and diagnosis, early fault diagnosis, reducing economic losses caused by downtime risks during customer use, and achieving optimal energy-saving and efficient operation of the system.

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