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              Remembering the Thought of Mandarinism, Gratefulness, Endeavour, and Loyalty | Westinghouse Kangda P

              In order to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the party branch of Guangdong Xiwu Kangda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. organized the "7.1" theme party day activity and volunteer service activity, guiding the majority of party members to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, temper the party spirit, practice the original mission, forge ahead, promote our work to a new level, and add luster to the party flag with practical actions.

              Red Lecturer Group's Great Lecture: Remember the Mandate

              On the morning of July 1st, all members of the Xiwu Kangda Party Branch gathered to watch the establishment ceremony of the Foshan Red Lecturer Group and participated in the "Cloud Party Class" event for ten thousand party members.

              At the establishment ceremony, Xu Hangxuan, Executive Vice President of the Municipal Party School, read the list of members of the Foshan Red Lecturer Group and awarded the flag to the group.

              Through the study of "Cloud Party Class", members of the Xiwu Kangda Party Branch have a clear sense of the important strategic position of Guangdong's development, and have a deep understanding of the important task of building the Greater Bay Area with the help of the whole province, as well as the requirements of the times for promoting regional coordinated development through technology. Not only has it enhanced the understanding and improvement of party spirit among party members, but it has also greatly increased their confidence and fighting spirit in the development of Guangdong. Under the leadership of the Party, jointly promote the development of Guangdong.

              Bravely shouldering the mission of the times, willing to travel together

              On the afternoon of July 1st, the Westinghouse Party Branch launched a volunteer service activity.

              Under the organization and arrangement of the Party Branch Committee of Guangdong Xiwu Kangda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., a total of 25 party members and volunteers were divided into three teams to clean and maintain the air conditioning and ceiling fans in employee dormitories, as well as organize the recreation room on the first floor of the dormitory building.

              Westinghouse Kangda Party member volunteers clean air conditioning and ceiling fans for employee dormitories

              Westinghouse Kangda Party member volunteers are organizing the recreation room of the dormitory building

              The implementation of the "7.1" themed Party Day activity and volunteer service activity is a strong proof that the Westinghouse Kangda Party Branch actively practices party building work, leads party members to reminisce about the red years, and gathers their strength for progress.

              Under the leadership of the CPC, Xiwu Kangda has been forging ahead for more than 30 years with a forward-looking vision of low-carbon development. After years of practice, the Xiwu Kangda Party Branch has focused on the integration and co construction of the party and enterprise, deeply integrating red culture and corporate culture, deeply embedding red power in various aspects such as research and development, production, marketing, and enterprise management. It has always adhered to resonance with the times and bravely shouldered the mission of the times!

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