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              Party building leads development, and government enterprise cooperation takes on the mission - Danza

              On June 14th, in order to deeply study and implement the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a delegation led by Weng Peizhong, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Danzao Town Ecological Environment Supervision Institute, and Lin Guiyang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Danzao Town Market Supervision and Management Institute, visited Guangdong Xiwu Kangda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. for assistance and guidance, and carried out party building and co construction activities, leveraging the joint efforts of strong and powerful enterprises to provide services and jointly explore professional paths for high-quality development.

              Visit, exchange, learn and learn from each other

              At the beginning of the event, both parties jointly visited the Westinghouse Exhibition Hall and the Party Branch Activity Room. Under the leadership of Mr. Lai Fenglin, Executive Vice General Manager of Xiwu Kangda, the Party Branch of the Municipal Supervision Bureau and the Party Branch of the Environmental Supervision Bureau had a detailed understanding of Xiwu Kangda's innovative products, reform and development, and party building work. They had a comprehensive understanding of Xiwu Kangda's strengthening of enterprise party building, promoting the spirit of craftsmanship, and based on the actual production of the enterprise, transforming the political advantages, organizational advantages, and mass work of the party organization into innovative and competitive advantages of the enterprise.

              Joint construction, discussion, and development

              After the visit, both sides held discussions on the next steps of joint construction and cooperation. Mr. Cai Zhanwen, General Manager of Xiwu Kangda, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Environmental Supervision Institute, and Secretary of the Party Branch of the Municipal Supervision Institute delivered speeches in sequence. Both parties reached a consensus and expressed the hope that through this party building joint construction, we can strengthen communication and cooperation between government and enterprise businesses, lead production with party building, integrate production with party building, and promote production with party building.

              Subsequently, Mr. Lai Fenglin, Executive Vice General Manager of Xiwu Kangda, reported on the progress of party building work in our company's branch. The party branch members learned about the effectiveness of the party building work of Westinghouse Kangda and its future development plans. Finally, our company proposes to continue to carry out party building work around the production and operation of the enterprise, with the joint efforts of the party and enterprise, to assist the high-quality development of the enterprise.

              This party building co construction activity marks the promotion of party building and business integration by both sides, opening up a new phase of party building that promotes mutual interaction, common improvement, and common development. Xiwu Kangda continuously innovates and enriches the branch party building work method of "one good construction, three good services". Branch members will uphold the style of humbly accepting continuous improvement opinions and play a pioneering and exemplary role!

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