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              Westinghouse Kangda's Strength Appears at the 2023 Shenzhen HVAC Refrigeration Academic Annual Confe


              The 2023 Shenzhen HVAC and Refrigeration Academic Annual Conference will be held today, May 26th, at Guangdong Jiahua Hotel.

              The conference was themed as "Technological Innovation, Low Carbon Forward" and brought together over a thousand representatives from domestic HVAC experts, renowned scholars, design institutes, engineering companies, and industry excellent enterprises to jointly discuss the cutting-edge low-carbon technologies and development trends in the industry. As a service provider focused on clean environment system solutions, Westinghouse Kangda attended and participated in this technical exchange meeting.

              This grand event is a technical exchange feast that brings together senior industry experts, professional technical elites, and outstanding enterprise leaders. It is the most effective way and exchange platform to reflect cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, innovative design, and resource cooperation.

              By uniting and forging ahead, participants shared the latest practical achievements and experiences related to green and low-carbon buildings such as energy conservation, environmental protection, low-carbon, and mechatronics integration.

              This annual meeting will promote technological progress and innovation in the HVAC and refrigeration industry in Shenzhen, promote diversified exchanges and cooperation in the HVAC industry, and actively promote the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal.

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