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                     The production workshop of a clean factory has strict requirements for the environment, especially in controlling temperature and humidity. We must not take it lightly, as any carelessness may lead to defective products. The humidity in the clean workshop is too high, and many production components and equipment are prone to damage due to moisture, affecting their performance, service life, and safety. If the humidity is too low and the air is dry, it can also have other negative effects, causing huge impacts and losses to the clean workshop production enterprise. The humidity requirement for a general clean workshop is between 40% -60%. So how can we maintain humidity within a suitable range throughout the year?

                     Xiwu Kangda Free Heat Recovery Full DC Variable Frequency Air Conditioning Unit adopts a DC Variable Frequency Direct Expansion System to achieve 10%~100% stepless regulation, high control accuracy, wide operating range, and is equipped with a combination of air conditioning internal units. It has rich functional modules and a freely combined design method, which can achieve various functions such as refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, humidification, noise reduction, air purification, and fresh air delivery.

              1. Intelligent control, precise temperature and humidity control
              Unique temperature and humidity control algorithm, combined with high-precision sensors and PLC controller, can accurately calculate the room cooling demand. Through PID control algorithm, the indoor temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃, relative humidity is ± 5%, and stable operation of constant temperature and humidity under all working conditions is achieved;

              2. Ultra low dew point air supply technology
              Innovative deep dehumidification technology can achieve ultra-low dew point temperature air supply after treatment and maintain long-term stable operation, meeting the needs of low humidity processes in factories, replacing traditional rotary dehumidification schemes with high investment and operation costs.

              3. Wide operating range, operating under all operating conditions
              The unit is suitable for various operating conditions such as full return air, fresh air, and mixed air to meet the application needs of different fields. More than 20 types of air treatment sections can be freely combined to meet different air treatment needs.

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