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              Hospital operating rooms are different from general public buildings because of their unique use, which requires maintaining ultra-high quality air and a highly quiet environment at all times. The indoor and outdoor environment requirements are strict.

              Characteristics of medical operating room air conditioning:
              ●  High building energy consumption
              ●  High cleanliness level
              ●  Strict temperature and humidity requirements
              ●  Complex medical processes
              ●  High safety performance requirements
              ●  High demand for fresh air, requiring dehumidification and reheating
              ●  Year-round cooling, 24-hour standby

              Unit advantages:

              ● Professional Clean Customization
              ● Medical grade design standards
              ● Superior dehumidification ability, low dew point air supply
              ● Quick and convenient installation
              ● Unique patented box structure with superior performance
              ● Flexible structure and diverse types
              ● Efficient filtration to ensure air supply cleanliness
              ● Sterilization and disinfection to eliminate microbial infections
              ● Advanced design with higher heat exchange efficiency
              ● Low noise and reliable operation

                     Xiwu Kangda currently has rich experience in the medical industry and has been widely recognized by customers. Provide high-quality comprehensive solutions for various industries, including healthcare, with efficient, clean, comfortable, and stable products! Xiwu Kangda has launched the "Medical Clean Air Conditioning Unit", a hospital level clean air conditioning product that strictly complies with national standards. It can achieve precise control of operating room temperature, humidity, cleanliness, pressure gradient, and airflow organization. The unit uses special anti mold and antibacterial materials, matched with appropriate and effective purification and sterilization functional sections, providing patients and medical staff with a safer and more reliable diagnosis and treatment environment.

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